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  • • What are the benefits of On Site Clinics?

    o There are many benefits to On Site Clinics
    o Return on Investment/Benefits to Employers
     - Decrease in medical and pharmacy expenditures
     - Decrease in work related injury and illness costs
     - Increased Health of workforce
     - Increased satisfaction of workforce with company sponsored benefits
     - Increase in productivity and productivity savings
     - Decrease in medically related absences
    o Benefits to Employees
     - Increased health and satisfaction with work
     - Decrease in out of pocket medical expenses with on site clinic
     - Convenience of On Site Clinics
     - Trusted access to a highly qualified health care provider
  • • What Services does UCHS offer at On Site Clinics?

    o UCHS customizes its service to the organizations we serve based on their needs. These services can include:
      - Primary Care
      - Urgent Care
      - Chronic Disease Management
      - Occupational Health Services (work related injury and illness)
      - Preventive care (including physicals)
      - Wellness and lifestyle modification counseling
      - Case and Population Health Management
  • • How many employees does my organization need to have to justify an On Site Clinic?

    UCHS works with clients that range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of employees and their family members
  • • How much does it cost to implement and manage an On Site Clinic?

    UCHS customizes and tailors the services to our clients to enable an affordable implementation that results in the highest Return on Investment possible. UCHS is happy to meet with potential partners to discuss Return on Investment and cost
  • • How does UCHS protect patient privacy?

    UCHS takes patient privacy very seriously. We work in an established electronic health record, so our clinic systems are virtually paperless. We also adhere to local, state, and federal regulations to protect patient privacy including HIPAA and HITECH regulations.
  • • Can family members use the On Site Clinics?

    UCHS works with all of our client to customize the services and patients of the clinic, according to what works best for the organizations we serve